How to Get a Millionaire to Fall in Love With You

So, you have met your millionaire match. Good work. No doubt you spent the night wining, dining and finalizing plans to spend the winter in Barbados together. He didn’t seem remotely interested in anyone else. He told you that his down-to-earth family roots have kept him grounded. He said you were amazing.

Having spent more time dating millionaires than I have brushing my teeth, I am going to tell you exactly how to make this man fall in love (instead of just “in crush”) with you. I will also tell you the things that you will inevitably do naturally that will make you lose your man.

1. Do not let your initial spark dampen by being too available. The first thing you are going to experience is unfaltering uphoria. The time you spent with him was undeniably magical. Between refills of crystal champagne, you both had laughs and chatted about how similar you are. On anyone’s account, the sparks were flying. The problem here is that you will feel “too comfortable” for your own good. Remember that this man is the hyperbole of desirable – and every other woman he meets feels exactly how you are feeling. Be busy! If you are not busy, pretend! Return his calls a day or two late. Don’t excuse yourself for being too busy…a woman such as yourself should be expected to be busy.

2. Do not enter into conversations about how much you two “clicked”. This is the typical maneuver of a playboy. If he wants to talk about your “connection,” do your best to change the subject to something more neutral. If you can, change the subject to something fun you have been up to lately. Never let him know you have been bathing in his words. Resist the urge, as much as he eggs it on. He gets that from everyone else.

3. Never, never, never talk about money. Never. Under no circumstance. If he brings it up, change the subject. He is either testing you or subconsciously testing you. Do not do it. Ever.

4. Kiss him passionately, but do not sleep with him. I cannot stress this enough. If you have already done so, you might as well stop reading this because you have given up your power. You are not wife material to him. You are now a future booty-call. If you need an excuse to leave early, make one up. Better yet, make up something that sounds interesting, like early skydiving lessons.

Now, for the sweet honey nectar. How to make him fall in love with you.

1. Be easily amused, yet not overtly impressed. Millionaires are used to meeting women who are gold-diggers and it is such a turn-off. They have become used to spotting women who want them for their money by their easiest give away: nervous/googly eyes. If he orders caviar for $2500, go ahead and be visibly excited (he will love that) but don’t shy away and act coy. Get thrilled and show it – then change the subject away from what he is buying and onto something meaningful.

2. Be silly. Never be in a bad mood. Do not act like a princess. Millionaires love spoiling women because of the attention but it will not make them fall in love with you. Be funny, be quirky. Don’t be a princess. Be the girl that you are when you are having a pajama party with your girlfriends.

3. Be financially secure. Whether you are or not, give the impression that you have life by the horns. (Just to reiterate, never actually talk about money.) You never want him to get the impression that you are trying to get him to pay for your bills (hopefully, you are not doing that anyway). Financial security is attractive, especially for millionaires.

3. Always get off the phone first. This is an easy one.

4. Get him to do something he has never done. Whether it is trying a new food or experiencing something in the city he would never otherwise do. Maybe even a walk through an undiscovered park. A millionaire is not used to being out of his element. And just like it is for you, new is always exciting.

Congratulations on your new find. Without a doubt, you can this millionaire fall in love with you. It is to your advantage that every other girl he is meeting is making the mistakes I mentioned above. Best of luck!

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